Executive Reads: Bruce Neve

Bruce Neve is the CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group Canada and is in charge market development and driving the company’s growth. Prior to his position as CEO of Starcom, Bruce served as the President of Mediaedge:cia, the fifth largest media network in the world. His highly creative work and leadership at the company earned him the Media Director of the Year award from Strategy Magazine, highlighted by a 2005 deal with TSN to broadcast the World Junior Hockey Championships over television, web and mobile, an incredible accomplishment seven years ago. 

His list of accomplishments could go on forever, so we’ll let you Google the rest from here. What’s really important is what laid the foundation for his success (other than a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo) and the literature he still swears by on a daily basis. If he’s reading these, you probably should, too:

Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams
It makes you look at things differently and challenges conventional thinking, giving you thoughts on how you need to change to succeed in the future; rather than look at books that look backward, prefer to look forward.

Poke the Box (ebook) by Seth Godin 

Anything by Malcolm Gladwell 
Story telling makes you think about things in a different way; creative writers make business literature interesting versus someone who is all about facts, numbers, processes, etc.

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