Exclusive Workshop: Learn How to Live a Healthy Life with Notable.ca Founder Julian Brass

We at Notable.ca believe in living a healthy lifestyle.

And while our lives are always busy, that’s never an excuse to forgo healthy habits in our daily routines.

So this summer, we will be offering a series of exclusive workshops that will cover everything from health and wellness to nutrition and spirituality. And all with the best well-being experts in the industry.


We kick off the series with Notable.ca Founder and CEO Julian Brass, who will teach you how to live your most notable life on Sunday, May 22nd from 11am-noon at 889 Yoga during a one-hour yoga session hosted by Brass himself.

Spots are limited, apply below for a chance to attend.

Brass is outspoken about inspiring those around him to live a notable life – one full of personal growth, professional development, and unique experiences. This mantra is also reflected through his work as a certified yoga instructor and motivational keynote speaker.

We sat down with Julian to find out how prioritizing healthy habits allowed him to maximize everything from his outlook on life to productivity and overall happiness…


What first triggered your decision to lead a healthy lifestyle?
I’m a believer in the idea that “success leaves clues.”

I realized when tracking my own moods, effectiveness, and overall happiness that I always felt my best, looked my best, and performed my best when I put my health first.

That’s why I am very conscious about what I put in my body. I make sure to stay hydrated and drink a ton of water. I’ve also discovered the new Pure Leaf Unsweetened teas, which offer all the health benefits of tea, while also keeping me hydrated.

What do you believe to be the key(s) to happiness?
I think the biggest key to happiness is realizing that there is no person, place, or thing that can make you happy. The only way to always be happy is to choose to be happy.

Happiness is just a choice.

Every human has the choice of what they focus on or don’t focus on. Sometimes it’s something as simple as just remembering that everything happens for a reason and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

It’s completely your call. I know the wealthiest people who are unhappy and the poorest people who are always smiling. I know sick people who seem happier than those who have a perfect bill of health.

Being happy just starts with getting real with yourself and accepting that it’s a choice – your choice.


If you could give one tip to everyone, the one thing they should all be doing to live a more well-balanced life, what would it be?
Balance is the key to a life well lived. I’ve learned that being extremely exact in ensuring you’re working on your health, career, personal growth, spiritual growth, and involvement with the community is the true key to living a well-balanced life.

What would you say to anyone who says/thinks that yoga just isn’t for them?
What my yoga guru said to me: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Do you have a morning ritual? Can you lead us through it?
Yes. My “morning sanctuary” begins between 5am-6am and lasts until 7am-8am. I am extremely exact and intentional with how I spend this time – I know that how it’s spent will dictate a major part of the success, enjoyment, and productivity of my day.

Along with my morning ritual, I am very dedicated to the healthy products I consume. Even if I’m on the go, I always start my day with a balanced breakfast – some fresh fruit with natural protein shakes – and I always keep a bottle of Pure Leaf Unsweetened Green Tea in my car of briefcase for my morning commute.

You can find a detailed breakdown of my morning ritual here.

How do you apply the practices of yoga/meditation to your daily business life?
Thanks to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in general, I approach business from a place of limitless possibilities and abundance; I am able to control my emotions, remain calm during challenging times, and understand the eternal trust that we are all connected to one another and to this incredible universe.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
My favourite place in the world is my yoga mat. It is where I am able to challenge myself in all aspects of who I am; from my mind, to my body, and my soul.

Don’t forget: Spots to attend our exclusive workshop with Julian Brass on Sunday, May 22nd are very limited. Apply below for a chance to join us.

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* A confirmation email will be sent to confirmed participants by Friday May 20th, 2016.