Everything You Need to Know About The New Toronto Streetcars

By Lisa Lagace 

The future is finally here.

Toronto’s new streetcar will start servicing the 510 Spadina route on August 31st.

And here are 7 reasons why you should be excited to ditch the old streetcars and bring in the new ones.

Much Higher Carrying Capacity
The new streetcars are 5 pods long, about 7 meters longer than the current articulated streetcar. While you still might need to wait for a second streetcar during rush hour, this should definitely help with demand.

Fully Air Conditioned
There’s nothing nastier than being stuck on a packed streetcar without any air conditioning, squished up against many other sweaty individuals. Now when you’re squished up against strangers you at least won’t have to worry that their body might stick to you.

Fully Accessible
This might be the most valuable improvement to the new streetcars. Finally, those with mobility issues will be able to travel on the streetcar line. The second pod in the new streetcar is completely accessible, with a ramp that comes down to allow wheelchairs easy access to the streetcar, as well as seats that flip up to ensure adequate space for those customers.

Quieter And Smoother Ride
We’re all used to the whooshing nose of the streetcar passing by. If you happen to live on a street with a streetcar line, you probably know it all too well. You don’t even have to see the streetcar to know it’s coming. These new streetcars promise to reduce that noise, as they’ve taken measures to make for a smoother ride.

Good For The Environment
The new cars were made with the environment in mind – they don’t produce any local emission, leaving our air a little cleaner.

Four Doors For All Board Entering and Exiting
Customers can board and exit at any of the four doors. This means quicker comings and goings, which means less delays, and faster trips to your destination.

Bicycle Storage During Off Peak Hours
Bike enthusiasts will love that the new streetcar features a pod with bicycle storage. Of course, it’s only available during off peak hours, because your bicycle isn’t more important than fitting another two people on the car.

Check out the video below for any more info and a look at our new downtown wonder:


Images: transit.toronto.on.ca, photoblair.blogspot.com,forum.skyscraperpage.com

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