Everything You Missed at Vancouver’s Pure Leaf BBQ in Loden Hotel’s Halo Penthouse

Last Thursday, Pure Leaf finished their cross Canada tour in Vancouver with some of the cities trendiest young professionals.

The sky was clear, the mountains filled the backdrop, and the smell of Juno Kims delicious canapés filled the Penthouse of The Loden Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

The Pure Leaf Iced Tea Bar was all set up for a night of networking, socializing, and tasting.

And the crowd was more than ready to oblige.

The who’s who of Vancouver’s young professional scene quickly filled the wrap around balcony and adjoining suits inside Loden Hotel’s Halo Penthouse, Vancouver’s gorgeous downtown boutique hotel, to enjoy Pure Leaf infused cocktails accompanied by Juno Kims‘ aforementioned one-of-a-kind canapés.

Guests soaked in the sun, chatted away with new friends, and indulged in a food and drink pairing that will be remembered for some time. Just check out the photos if you don’t believe us. And make sure you sign up for our next event!

All photos courtesy of Rhonda Dent.