EVERYDAY SUNDAY Shines Some Sun on Swimwear

Sisters Ranya, Nathalie, Jasmine and brother Elie are four siblings between the ages of 28 and 35 who’ve launched EVERYDAY SUNDAY, a swimwear and leisurewear line sold at more than 50 retail chains and boutiques across Quebec. With the weather still being as grey and cloudy as ever, what better way to dream of sunny days and warm sand than to catch up with this amazing family. They let us in on their inspiration, the competition and on building a business in Montreal:

Because Sunday is the day where one can enjoy the luxury of time. It gives everyone the chance to either get active or simmer down. It’s the ideal setting to regenerate and reconnect – with oneself, friends, lovers and family. While our magical spell to live in a world of endless Sundays is a work in progress, EVERYDAY SUNDAY aims to (re)create that state of mind. 

As a swimwear and leisurewear brand, we also like having the sun as part of our DNA!

What prompted you to start a swimwear and leisurewear line? 
Swimwear is so fun to design. You can really let go in terms of shapes, colours and artworks. We also noticed a gap in the market for nice swimwear at an affordable price. Another source of inspiration is our love of travelling. We became passionate about creating the perfect pieces to accompany moments of leisure and travel.


Is the swimwear industry quite a competitive market?
Yes, of course, like all other markets in the clothing industry today. We believe the key is in making a product that people will love to wear, and to bring style and comfort at the right price.

What sets your designs apart from the rest?
We develop most of our prints in-house with our graphic design team. They are unique and reflect our tastes and influences. Also, we think of all women when we design, so that every woman can find flattering garments that will fit her well.

Has it been tricky growing your business based out of Montreal? What are the pros and cons?
Pros: Montreal is a fashion platform. It is also the multicultural city we grew up in and love, and its diversity stimulates our creativity.

Cons: Montreal is not a tropical destination!

How do you figure out what the perfect fit is for a woman?
We have achieved great fits with years of research and experience by studying the needs of different women.


What is your inspiration for the new season?
We always try to choose three major themes and then design the collection based on those themes.  For next season, we have ‎our brights, our softs and our more edgy creations.

Can we find your designs in stores? Or only online?
EVERYDAY SUNDAY designs are available in stores including Simons, AquaSport and 50 locations across Quebec. We invite you to visit everydaysunday.ca to find store locations.

What advice can you give to YPs and entrepreneurs that want to get into the industry?                                                 

Make sure you carefully study the market and find your niche. The rest is up to your personal style and your passion.


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