Every Exhibit You Need to See at Nuit Blanche 2014

It’s here.
The all-nighter we’ve all been waiting for.

And if you haven’t hit up our Nuit Blanche survival guide yet, we pity the fool…
‘Cause this is art at its most extreme – extreme for you, that is.

So put on your walking shoes, start preparing expressions like, “but is art, art?” and get a move on – this is one of the best parties Toronto throws all year. 

Wanwu: Metamorphosis
This performance art piece promises to transform the green rooftop at City Hall into a “blossoming, breathing, bleeding, and exploding painting.” And you thought 3D movies were cool.

This “theatre of spectacle” takes on the idea of contagion – particularly poignant in these current days of Ebola fear. Glowing carriers of the faux “virus” will be wandering around the city testing willing participants with UV reactive ink markers.

Screaming Booth
A soundproof both for you to scream in, cry in, confess all your sins in – basically do whatever your heart desires. This one should be cathartic.

The Melodious Malfeasance Meat-Grinding Machine
As far as we can tell, actual meat grinding and sausage making will be taking place in this odd installation. Sounds like Kramer might have been involved.

8th Wonder
This social sculpture promises to greet patrons at Union Station with “an emanation of sound over a 12 hour journey.” You can also use your smartphone to control certain visual aspects – and yes, this technically makes you an artist.

The Fortune Teller Machine – Zardoz
Watch out as a coven of artistic witches wander along Bremner Boulevard, trading fortune messages for input and information. Any chance to get your fortune told for free is an opportunity worth taking. Unless it’s a bad one, of course.

Body of War
This video installation shows how a man can be turned into a soldier via relentless repetition of violent acts. If you find war movies as powerful and disturbing as we do, this is one you won’t want to miss. A little more on the serious side, though.

Everything and Nothing
This live performance features a woman reciting phrases that begin with the word “everything” and a man responding with a phrase that begins with “nothing.” We hope this play on gender dynamics lives up to the potential it has. Which is to say, it could really end up being everything or nothing…


All Images from Nuit Blanche Facebook

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