Every 2015 Après Ski Party You Should Care About

Not to toot our own horn, but there are a lot of things we Calgarians do well.

And that’s never more true than when it comes to downhill sports and drinking.

Or combining them. (Safely of course – drinking comes after).

So to help you do what comes naturally, we’ve come up with a list of top winter parties you’re going to want to race down the hill to get to. 2015 is all about the après-ski.

Just don’t forget your helmet, you might need it.

Street Party in Banff for The Red Bull Rail Jam
On the 22nd of January people will be going nuts on Instagram. And that’s because they’ll be street partying in Banff and watching top riders pull off some death defying stunts on one of the main streets. For once, traffic jams in Banff will be about something besides caribou.

The best part about this event is the ski hill literally comes to you. Save the gas and skip the mountain to hit an outdoor party that will include an epic stage and a serious battle for first place.

Bust Loose in Panorama
Known for throwing wild parties and club crawls, the only real pre-requisite for this trip is being able to point your board or two planks downward…although being able to do a keg stand also helps.

If party rocking in the Rockies is on your agenda this year, Bust Loose is hosting Snow Dreams on the weekend of January 23rd. Geared toward helping you and your pals have the ultimate cold weather experience, you’ll be chauffeured to picturesque Panorama for two days of shredding, costume parties, and free prizes. With lift tickets and hotel accommodation included in the package, all you have to worry about is getting enough people together for drinking games. Sociables anyone?  

BassBUS Takes the Party to the Mountains
From the company who throws some of the best DJ parties in town, comes a special series for mountain fans. On January 24th, a round trip ticket to Lake Louise includes pick up from Calgary Olympic Park in a swank shuttle, a lunch meet up with cold brews compliments of Village Brewery, and a whole lot of tunes thanks to a ride along DJ. This is a ski party on wheels with great beer, pumping music, and free swag. 

And as a side note for all you lovebirds out there, the BassBUS lover’s ride is planned for February 14th at Sunshine. Who knew that skiing could be a form of foreplay?

Girls Weekend with the Burton Mountain Festival
When it comes to winter gear, Burton makes some of the best boards and apparel going. As part of the Burton Mountain Festival, February 1st will give ladies a chance to take part in the Burton sponsored women’s ride.

Sample demo gear for free, receive a bad-ass gift bag, and spend the day charging down some crazy terrain with the women’s team of riders and ambassadors. This is like ‘Girls Gone Wild’ with way more clothing (but probably equal amounts of crazy.). 

Just remember to keep the liquid courage to a minimum for this session. There’ll be plenty of drinks waiting for you on the outdoor patio at the end of the day.

Cure That FOMO At The Big Bear Rail Jam
If you missed the Red Bull street party then you can cure you FOMO on February 6th during the Big Bear Rail Jam on Banff’s Bear Street. Sit back, enjoy the DJ line-up, and cheer on the industry pros as they stomp tricks on the ramp and rails. Between sets you can also seek out your favourite skiers and riders for autographs or a chat.

Word on the street is the best seats in the house are in the beer garden and anyone who enters the contests at the party will have the chance win a ride with a pro for a day. Pretty gnarly, right?

After 9pm the afterparty will shift to the Aurora nightclub and if you bought a ticket to the rail jam party then your admission is covered.

Make Your Own Party With Nomad
Nomad is kind of like the social concierge of ski trips. If you want to make your own custom ski or snowboard party, you have this crew to help create a turnkey mountain party. Geared at throwing ski parties for young professionals, these guys are fluent in the language of hills, hot tubs, hotels, and optimizing your fun at the bar, pub, or club.

To create your own trip, you can simply send Nomad a budget and they’ll organize the rest including a ride, the destination, and a few pints in places of your choice.

If you think these parties are exciting then stay tuned for spring details on bikini rides and the infamous Slush Cup


Cover image from Nomad

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