Event Recap: TEDxYYC

TEDxYYC took place last Friday where the Jubilee Auditorium was packed with young professionals ready to hear from the best and brightest. TED Talks just celebrated its 5th year in Calgary, and this year’s anniversary was marked with a great line-up of speakers bringing new perspectives and ideas to audiences on everything from religion and high performance athletics to green politics and the psychology of sound. After the intermission, we also had the chance to watch talented performer Sarah Bella on the silks, as well as the up and coming alt rock band Boreal Sons. 

Here are 4 reasons why TEDxYYC was extra inspiring this year:

Hoop Dancing Saves Lives
Dressed in traditional Cree attire, Dallas Arcand performed a traditional dance of the 13 moons and it was spectacular. Before jumping into his performance, he briefly talked about the fact that he had already landed himself in juvenile detention in his early teens and how taking up hoop dancing and learning the philosophy behind it was something that really steered his life in a better direction. Today, Dallas is known not only as a motivational speaker but also a performing artist and world-class hoop dancer.

Taking a Risk Pays Off
Bart Houlahan knows all about rolling the dice. After being accepted into Harvard Business School, a safe road for any professional, he instead chose to join forces with a basketball sporting goods company (AND1) valued at roughly $600,000 at the time. What started as a small business grew into an inspirational model for how to treat employees and conduct business with a social and environmental conscience. Bart also talked about the cost that comes with providing the added touches to employees but how it all pays off in the end. With only a 2% turnover rate, employees at AND1 were more like a family. When the company faced bankruptcy on multiple occasions, it was the employees who helped bail them out.

Only in Canada
This is something that only happens in Canada: After Gilmore Junio let his teammate Denny Morrison take his place in the men’s 1000-metre race at the Sochi Olympics, Denny went on to win silver for Canada. Upon coming home, Gilmore was praised and celebrated as a selfless hero. To show thanks for his sacrifice, a Canadian company raised $7,000 through crowdfunding to craft a signature gold and silver medal for him. During his time on stage, Gilmore proudly talked about making sacrifices and showed off this shiny commemorative medal.

The Green Party Rules
Elizabeth May is a politician with a whole lot of charisma. She came to talk about the negatives of the Northern Gateway Pipeline and our need to spend more time focusing on innovation to keep up with the rest of the world. It’s always nice to hear from a politician who’s so passionate about their platform and can also insert a little humour. Elizabeth is a witty and engaging speaker and the audience loved her. If she runs for Prime Minister, we guarantee most of the people at TED would vote for her.  

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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