Event Recap: Purim Royale Party!

The majestic and historic Montreal Royal Bank built in 1928 was alive with dancing, drinking, arcade games, a glorious feast, and a whole lot of merrymaking this past Sunday night, as the Jewish community in Old Montreal came together to celebrate Purim, the joyous holiday where festivity meets spirituality!

The stunning Bank, with its glorious gilded ceilings and opulent marbled staircase created a magical backdrop for the celebration. Bartenders replaced bank tellers, while mood lighting and a live DJ provided music, and an enchanting atmosphere for the 250 + guests dressed in feathered masks and festive costumes!

Highlights included a lavish banquet, candy bar, a silent auction, many “L’Chaim’s” (Cheers to life), and of course, wise words and prayer by the Old Montreal Chabad Rabbi, Nissan Gansbourg.

Many notable members of the community came together to devote their time and energy to make this an outstanding affair bringing in some very special guests such as one of Montreal’s favourite talk show hosts, Tommy Schnumacher from the “Tommy Schnumacher” show on CJAD 800 AM!

Honorable mention & praise goes out to Jonny Abramson, Brittany Shiller, Josh Silver, Stevie B. Hamron, Peter Schwartz, Daniel Notkin, Max Bitton, Patrick Elfassy, Corinne Asseraf, Rabbi Nissan Gansbourg, as well as to sponsors & participants Kloda Productions, Nuda Salon, Galerie 203, Sensio Inc, Bota Bota Spa, Hype Energy Drinks, and last but not least the wonderful volunteers from LCC Academy, as well as Annie Bitton who worked the door collecting donations and welcoming our guests.

The event was a huge success and became a date Old Montrealers are already jotting into next year’s calendar!


Images courtesy of: Joseph Ghaleb