Event Recap: NABS 80s Remix

For all of their hard work, advertising professionals are known to play hard – and Thursday night (May 9th) was no exception. We hadn’t been to a NABS event for a while, but quickly learned that, despite the change in venue name from This is London (yes, this is no longer) to Product, the evening was the same old networking turned “refined rowdiness” to be expected from our friends at NABS for their annual spring party.

The 80s theme inspired crimped hair, neon, leggings, high-tops and vintage t-shirts. Of course, for some (fine, us) the theme was a tad too ambitious for a Thursday evening and typical “workday” attire was also seen in the sea of 80s garb.


Of course, there were the plastic glasses characteristic of advertising events – this time in bright red and in piles on cocktail tables for guests to grab. Food in the back VIP area (or at least what we assume is the VIP area) ensured guests did not leave hungry and included an assortment pizza, sub-like sandwiches and a selection of sweets.

Other highlights: zero wait times at the bars (and super hot bartenders), costumes that immediately broke the ice when it came to networking with strangers, the music, arcade video games that added to the 80s vibe, and, of course, a perpetually flashing photo booth sponsored by Kijiji. Oh, and the business card draw from yours truly for an Apple TV.


The nice thing about the event was that it began at 6:30pm and continued until last call at 2:00am. This meant that guests could come earlier and take advantage of the sober networking opportunity, or they could come post-dinner for the party.

In case you’re wondering what NABS is, the National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) is a support system for all Canadian professionals in the marketing and communications industry who face personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.


NABS services include a national toll-free HELPLINE (1-888-355-5548), financial assistance, skills assessment and retraining, as well as emotional, personal and career counseling services. Founded in 1983, and supported 100% by the industry, NABS has contributed more than $7 Million to thousands of industry colleagues and their families.

Funds are raised through both private donation and events like the 80s Remix Party and the NABS Gala, among others.

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