Event Recap: Mark Holden Launch at Kiss and Makeup

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the official launch event for Vancouver-based luxe scarf designer Mark Holden at Kiss & Makeup at The Village at Park Royal. Curious to learn more about Holden’s elegant designs that pack a socially conscious punch (in a cozy way), we headed over to West Vancouver to check it out.

By the time we arrived (a tad later than expected due to lovely Lion’s Gate Bridge traffic), the Roaming Dragon food truck conducting some on-site catering was an admittedly welcomed sight to see. Noshing aside, the launch party was clearly rocking with plenty of Mark Holden fans already milling about the intimate boutique.

Observations dictate that Mark Holden is an incredibly warm and approachable person who made sure to greet each guest with a huge smile and lively exchange. An energetic person, he truly exudes good vibes all around, and we clearly understand where the ‘Style with Purpose’ mantra fits in after being introduced to his stunning array of wearable pieces.


Simply put, his scarves are truly unique. Made with varying fabrics, some are festooned with bright (almost tie-dyed styled) prints and feather-light to the touch, while others have a bit more structure to them (made of 100% Italian linen) with simple scripture and signature peace sign. There is a style to suit any and all fashionable tastes (guys are sure to find a design that inspires). 

Mark Holden’s designs are made all the more attractive by the fact that his company donates a percentage of profits from the sale of each piece to the Just Imagine Foundation, which was established to help support worldwide efforts of other foundations, new entrepreneurs and community-based business owners. Furthermore, Just Imagine Foundation (soon to be a registered charity) also helps stimulate a sense of stability, helping worthwhile charities (such as the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society) provide for those in need through collaborative donation efforts.

Now that’s fashion-forward thinking worth noting.

To learn more about Mark Holden, click here. To learn more about how his Just Imagine Foundation truly makes an inspirational impact, visit them online.