Europe Says You Can Drink Up to 5 Espressos a Day and Be Fine

Good news for everyone who’s recently asked themselves if it’s OK to down their fourth espresso of the day: you’ll be fine.

In fact, you can even squeeze in one more, too.

An EU Food Safety Authority review recently set an ‘ideal’ daily caffeine intake of 400 milligrams for adults – a limit, by the way, not a recommendation. The review was the first to consider caffeine intake from various sources, and determined five espressos to be a reasonable ceiling.

The study concluded 400-mg of caffeine a day “does not give rise to safety concerns for non-pregnant adults,” and suggested pregnant women reduce their daily maximum to half that.

Like most drugs, things get dangerous when you start throwing other substances into the mix. Consuming even one can of coke or an energy drink, for example, leaves considerably less room for coffee-based caffeine under the 400-mg threshold.

Here’s a little guide to help you out:

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