Etsy Launches ‘Etsy Studio,’ a Global Market for Craft Supplies

Etsy is making life easier for craft-loving DIY-ers with the launch of a global online craft-supplies marketplace.

Last week, the company announced the April launch of a new vertical called Etsy Studio, marking a major expansion of the craft-supplies tab that Etsy already has on its platform.

The new platform – which plans to launch with close to 8 million items – hopes to bring more sellers and buyers to the craft-supply marketplace. “It’s a very ambitious craft marketplace that addresses this really big market opportunity,” Dickerson said in an interview with MarketWatch.


He said that traditional brick-and-mortar craft retailers just weren’t cutting it for the craft community (sorry, Michaels). Etsy Studio will only offer original merchandise through its marketplace, with craft supplies that are unique and difficult to find at traditional craft retailers. Not only will an unmatched selection be available in a few clicks, Etsy Studio will also feature inspirational tutorials.

The best part for small business owners is that purchases made through the marketplace will be used to promote small businesses as sellers, and own and run their shops.

The new craft-supplies marketplace will have a listing fee similar to the existing fees in place for sellers on the Etsy platform.

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