Escobar, Toronto: Now Open if You Can Find it


You may have heard a ruffle and stir about it (no, not Pablo) while sipping a tequila at a more known and therefore arguably less cool bar in Toronto. 

Toronto (and those who have visited here over the past decade or so) young professionals were all touched by Uniq Lifestyle’s iconic Cheval over the years, and were recently re-engaged with a unique and modern spin on what’s deemed as “Latin street food” since the opening of Valdez (606 King Street West) a few months ago.  

What you may not know is this: by flashing a wink, a confident smile, or perhaps some skin (joking, just act like you know where the hell you are going) and heading straight into the kitchen and through the fridge door – yes you read correctly – you will find yourself inside Escobar, Toronto’s latest and most under-the-radar high-end nook for a cocktail.  

But don’t be picky. We mean it; please, don’t be. There’s no menu. You tell the bartender what you fancy, and you will get something magical derived from Central or South America. 

Escobar recently opened its doors in Toronto. We’ll see you there – if you can find it…

Cheers, and stay Notable.

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