Enclosed Solar-Powered Tricycles Could Soon Take Over Vancouver Streets

We all want to stay fit and do our bit for the environment – but with a reputation for its rainy climate, Vancouver residents may have be discouraged from riding their bikes. Nobody likes to be wet, after all.

Now, VeloMetro has created the “next wave of sustainable personal transportation” in the form of Veemo, which provides a modern update on its original inspiration, the velocar.

The Vancouver-based company has created a human-powered, fully networked and completely sustainable transport option. And the best part is that it keeps commuters fully enclosed from the weather.

And while the Veemo is currently just a prototype, its creators are confident that they will be able to hit the streets of Vancouver as early as September on a pilot scheme. Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean our cycling habits have to draw to a close with it.

Solar Powered Tricycle

Velo Metro

Not only will it cover commuters from the frequent downpours that the B.C. city is known for, it will also give them a sense of safety when they’re cycling in traffic.

And if the electric assisted, solar-powered tricycle wasn’t green enough for you, its carpooling scheme might convince you that this is the only way to ride.

You’ll be able to reserve the Veemo through a smartphone app and ride it one way like other systems currently in place in Vancouver, but it’ll be much cheaper to do this than it would with a car – 30 per cent cheaper, to be precise.

They’ll go at a top speed of 32 kilometres per hour and there will be room for just one passenger, with some space in the back in case you take a trip to Loblaws.

The official launch won’t be until 2017, so until then do like the Dutch and get really good at cycling while holding an umbrella.