These Insane New Korean Emoji Face Masks Actually Work

Taiwan-based brand Petite Amie Skincare has now released a collection of emoji sheet masks that will turn you into your favourite emoji.


The Petite Amie Korean sheet masks, primed for fame on Instagram, are jam-packed with botanical extracts like cucumber fruit and aloe for soothing red cheeks and reducing inflammation, and glycerin for intense hydration.  The Blush Masque (the blushing emoji) on is for calming redness and soothing  sensitive skin. The Cooling Masque (the bright-red angry face) is perfect for when you step out from under the sun and realize your skin is sunburned. The aloe and pomegranate extract will help sooth sun damage, but please don’t forget to wear your sun block in the first place.

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The Happy Masque is hyped on hyaluronic acid, one of the most hydrating ingredients on the market, to make your skin super happy on any given day.


The Scream Masque, perhaps most appropriately, is packed with anti-aging ingredients such as collagen. The Love Masque is bathed in rose water, and smells like a beautiful bouquet of roses, to smooth skin and sooth acne.