Embrace a Sockless Summer

At last, it’s cool for young professional gentlemen to stay cool. Though we love the bold statement of a pair of contemporary socks, more and more men this summer are choosing to bare their ankles. Besides, there is something surprisingly sophisticated about a sans-sock ensemble. Designers and trendsetters have presented the look even with tailored clothing and Thom Browne has claimed “ankle is the new male cleavage.” Going sockless may seam like an easy feat, but there are a few guidelines to nail before stripping down.

1. Where and when

Most situations are no-sock appropriate such as weekends, pubs and clubs, but if you are heading to work, an office party or any kind of business environment, keep your socks on.

2. Shoe choice

The perfect shoes to wear when opting for a sockless look are loafers, brogues, derbies or slip-ons. An increasing number of men these days are even choosing to ditch the socks in their sneakers.

3. Pant choice

Though abandoning your socks can be a versatile trend, sport the look with anything from lightweight suits to shorts or jeans. One rule to stick by is to ensure that your pants are slim cut at the ankle.

4. Stay fresh

To keep your feet from smelling funky, give your shoes a resting period (of one or two days) after wearing them so that any sweat soaked into the shoe has time to dry. Washing your feet with an anti-bacterial soap and scrubbing away any dead skin also helps to take the stink away. Sprinkling baby powder on your feet before you slip on your shoes is another a great way to soak up any moisture.

5. No-show socks

‘Invisible’, low-cut socks are great for absorbing sweat and avoiding blisters, but if you do opt to wear sockettes, make sure you can’t see them peeking through your ankles. Oh, and if you are asked to take your shoes off at someone’s home, do us a favor and take off the sockettes with them. There seems to be nothing more effeminate than watching a man tip-toe around in his delicate, feminine, foot coverings.


Cover Image: www.muffyaldrich.com, Body Images: www.myfashiontricks.blogspot.com

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