Why You Need to Visit Israel at Least Once in Your Life

Israel, with its breathtaking sites and rich history is a safe, unique, and enriching travel destination. And El Al, Israel’s national airline has nonstop flights from Toronto to Israel (with an incredible on-flight Mediterranean menu)! Here’s why you need to visit Israel at least once in your life:


The Dead Sea:
A geological wonder where you can float like you’ve never floated before. Benefit from the special minerals in the mud, the air quality, and revel at the beautiful landscapes on shore. Hike in Masada, and visit a botanical garden. This experience can be as lavish or frugal as you make it.

Tel Aviv:
Tel Aviv is one of the most culturally advanced cities in the world. You can wander through a vibrant market on the way to the beach, and once the sun sets, embark on a lively night on the town. When you’ve had enough of the ocean view, enjoy sumptuous meze for lunch and wander through incredible contemporary art galleries, and historical museums. Also, if you’re a fan of sushi, Tel Aviv has a LOT of good sushi.

Extreme Sports:
Israel offers diverse landscapes conducive to extreme sports. Israel has world-renowned surfing conditions, notorious for being seaweed free. You can also give sand boarding, spelunking, and rock climbing a whirl.

Diverse Sites and Experiences:
Spend a whimsical night in the dessert, in the Bedouin Tents. Visit the Beit Guvrin Caves and see Hellenic ruins all at one site. Revel at the grounds of Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, from one of its 19 terraces. There are many additional historical sites you’ve read about in history books that you can experience and revel in.

This country has copious amounts of history, food, landscape, and unique experiences.