eBay Reveals 2012 Pop Culture Shopping Trends

For the first time ever, eBay Canada recently released its “Top Shopped” report, highlighting this year’s most sought-after brands and pop culture obsessions that captured shoppers’ attentions (and cash) in 2012. eBay Canada analyzed millions of Canadians’ purchases to identify what captured the interest of Canadians this year – from must-have fashion and tech to popstar princes and celebrity standouts. With online shopping becoming more common, Canadians are increasingly visiting eBay for new inventory – more than 70 per cent of what they buy is new – and their eBay.ca searches reveal a strong interest in the latest tech releases as well as top fashion brands.

Beloved brands of Canadians
Apple (iPhone, iPad and iPod)
Microsoft (Xbox)
Samsung (Galaxy Phones & Tablets)
Michael Kors 

Online shopping means anywhere shopping. Armed with tablets and smartphones, Canadians took on-the-go shopping to a whole new level this year, taking full advantage of eBay mobile in everything from tech to, unsurprisingly, more mobile. Some of these were not small purchases either. 

2012 Notable Purchases on eBay Mobile
John Deere Wheel Loader Tractor (with A/C Cab) – $90,000
Men’s 18K Yellow Gold Rolex Watch – $65,000
Red Crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag – $56,000
Dairy Queen Store Equipment – $24,900
Gibson Les Paul Guitar – $14,000
Salvadore Dali Signed Lithograph – $14,000 

Canada’s 2012 Top Pop Culture Obsessions
eBay reports that 2012 was not the year for Bieber. “Bieber Fever” may be cooling as English-Irish boy band One Direction had three times the merchandise sold, thanks to all those teenyboppers with their daddy’s credit card. It seems the Kardashian craze is fading as well, as Kim’s beau, Kanye West, sold twice as many items on eBay. The world’s most beloved superheroes took over the big screen in 2012 in everything from The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman to the crime-fighting alliance The Avengers, and Canadians wanted a piece of this. It was Bruce Wayne who prevailed as the year’s top-shopped superhero, with 64,491 Dark Knight-related items.

Biggest Fashion Trend
As always, the fashion world saw its share of trends with a return to neon being one of the biggest. eBay reports that this was reflected a desire for all things neon, from brightly coloured jeans and t-shirts to wedge sneakers. Could it be the dance music craze? The neon trend soared to new heights in 2012 as Canadians purchased all things neon from eBay (a total of 137,959 items), including phone accessories, home décor and stationery items. 

The world’s largest online marketplace, eBay Inc. connects millions of buyers and sellers globally on a daily basis. With more than 350 million listings and a community of nearly 105 million active users globally, the eBay marketplace serves as an unrivaled trend barometer, tracking the moments that mattered most in 2012.