EasyJet is Working on the World’s First Hybrid Plane

While it’s fair to assume EasyJet places saving money – as opposed to the environment – first and foremost, we can only applaud the discount airline’s current simultaneously thrifty and green initiative.

The UK-based airline is developing a hybrid system that will see planes embed a hydrogen fuel cell into their design.

Aircraft brakes will harness the energy used during landing, store it, and dispense it during the taxiing process. This will save the plane from burning diesel fuel while it’s on the ground and could save up to 50,000 tons of fuel per year.

Students at the UK’s Cranfield University are currently designing a prototype, which is expected to be finished this year.

“The hybrid plane concept we are announcing today is both a vision of the future and a challenge to our partners and suppliers to continue to push the boundaries towards reducing our carbon emissions,” said the company’s engineering director Ian Davies.

Via Business Insider: