Dyson’s First-Ever Hair Dryer Blows Away the Competition

Dyson, the world-renowned vacuum company, is taking a leap of faith and entering the world of beauty.

Today, Dyson revealed its Supersonic hair dryer, which has been designed to revolutionize your beauty regime.

For 30 years the company has been known for reinventing traditional household products, with bladeless fans, hand dryers, heaters, humidifiers and purifiers in its arsenal — and the Supersonic comes as no exception.

Dyson hopes consumers will be blown away by how lightweight and quiet the Supersonic is, a refreshing change from how loud and bulky traditional blow dryers can be.

The dryer took over four years and $100 million to develop, but the end result is a masterpiece that comes equipped with a tiny motor (around the size of a quarter) that works much faster and emits very high pressure.

Current blow dryers come equipped with a long head that operates by sucking in air from the back and shooting it out the front. The air then passes over heating coils which allow it to emerge hot and dry.

The Supersonic, with a digital motor and heat sensors to keep your hair from burning, is quite different. It’s a narrow handheld device with a hole in it – no nozzle, no funnel – and just a small, circular, cylinder that resembles a donut.

Like all Dyson products, the Supersonic will come with a hefty price tag, retailing at $499 CAD. But for those who truly care about the health of their hair, the price will be worth it. Each purchase comes with three styling attachments and in premium finishes: iron and fuchsia and white and silver.

The Supersonic will launch exclusively online on DysonCanada.ca this August.