D.W. Alexander: The Art of the Drink

It’s hard to turn yourself around; to switch it up, shake it off, and slip into something new. And sometimes, in order to do it right, you’ve got to strip yourself to the bone and start all over again. This is what D.W. Alexander (19 Church Street) has done. This is why any notion you carry with you of The Foundation Room (that once called this space home) is no longer relevant. This is why you need to go and see for yourself. 

Owner Jamil Kamal describes it this way: “Imagine you had an open budget to redo a gentleman’s study.” Well, we don’t have to imagine – every detail is already here. The blue lacquer wall with smoked class, the wall length bookcase, the leather bound stools, the well-lit and well-stocked bar, and the original 19th century cast iron all come together to make you wonder why you’re not currently holding a nice Cuban cigar in your hand (Ontario legislation be damned!) Needless to say, this is the perfect environment to escape the day and settle in for a high-end drink.  

Mixologist and cocktail consultant Aaron Beaudoin of Goods & Provisions was brought in to create a drink menu that would match the new space. The idea here is that you won’t be waiting 15 minutes while fresh mint is plucked from a nearby garden – this is about getting you an original and pleasing drink as quickly as possible without cutting any corners. The Old Fascist (Bulleit bourbon , amaro nonino, amaro lucano, demerara syrup, black pepper, coriander, bay leaf tincture, cardamom bitters) is a great example of this combination of efficiency, creativity, and care. Of course, the introduction of beer-based cocktails such as The Avro Arrow (Dark Horse rye, lime, maple syrup, sriracha, Mill St. Organic) means that the refreshing spring and summer drink you’re looking for has already arrived.

Beyond the extensive list of drinks, however, you’ll also find some high-end snacks to satisfy your cravings. Beaudoin isn’t the only good thing that’s been imported from Goods & Provisions. As of right now, everything on the menu has been too. Try the ‘taters (mini rosti, apple crème fraiche, smoked ketchup) for a quick and delicious fix or settle into the sloppy bison sliders (slow cooked bison, smoked cheddar) for something a little more substantial. If you prefer something light to snack away on we’re pretty sure you won’t find anything better than the bacon popcorn.

If the idea of enjoying a great cocktail in a 19th-century heritage building that’s been updated to feel like the ultimate study sounds like a good idea to you, we’d recommend heading to D.W. Alexander as soon as possible. If it doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, we hope you continue enjoying your VEX in your parent’s basement. 

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