Dubai Hotel Builds Rainforest to Step Up its Amenity Game

Just when you think Dubai couldn’t be any more outrageous, along comes a hotel with an artificial rainforest.

The city is known for its artificial ski hills, fake islands and over-the-top everything – but this hotel takes “amenities” to a whole different level.

Set to open in 2018, the Hilton-run Rosemont Hotel and Residences will be a hotel like no other.


Design by ZAS Architects / Image by Plompmozes

From robotic luggage handlers to constructed natural landscapes, pretty much everything about the hotel is artificial.

Contained in over 2 million square feet of hotel, residential and leisure space, you’ll find a glass-bottom pool suspended over the streets below, an artificial beach, and a rainforest.

Designed by ZAS Architects, the $550 million project will feature a 47-storey tower and a twin tower of the same height that includes 280 residential properties. The podium base of the towers will house all of the entertainment facilities.


Design by ZAS Architects / Image by Plompmozes

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by intricate 3D projections of ocean life and rainforest at the hotel’s drop-off point.

The hotel will also boast an on-site bowling alley, trampoline park, and laser tag arena.


Design by ZAS Architects / Image by Plompmozes

One of the most stunning features of the property is a glass-bottom infinity “Skypool” on the 25th floor, which features breathtaking 360-degree views of the city’s skyline. Naturally, the hotel will also feature a top-notch health club, a luxury spa, and a fine dining restaurant.

The main attraction of the hotel, however, is a 75,000-square-foot waterfall, stream and pool-filled jungle.


Design by ZAS Architects / Image by Plompmozes

It’s complete with a sensory rain system that mimics a rainforest climate. It also features a sand-free beach, a “prehistoric” marsh, and a café.

Of course, you could also check out an actual rainforest and beaches for the price of a few nights at the hotel.



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