PEI Police Want to Punish Drunk Drivers by Making Them Listen to Nickelback

As usual, the holiday crackdown on drunk drivers is already in full force.

Not only is the potential of ruining or ending lives and/or spending time in jail bad enough, a police department in western Prince Edward Island (PEI) is threatening to subject intoxicated drivers to a little Nickelback too.

Though there’s nothing remotely humorous about drunk driving, the approach is definitely raising awareness for the issue.

In a social media post over the weekend, the Kensington Police Service promised that drunk drivers would be forced to listen to the much-mocked Canadian band’s music while riding in the back of a cruiser if they’re arrested.


The reasoning behind it?

As Const. Robb Hartlen says on Facebook, if you’re foolish enough to drink and drive, then a Nickelback song “is the perfect gift for you.”

According to The Canadian Press, he says if the department doesn’t have to arrest anyone for impaired driving, he won’t have to “ruin a perfectly good unopened copy of Nickelback.”


Despite the hate-on most people seem to have for Nickleback, the band has taken home multiple Juno awards.

In fact, according to The Canadian Press, in a 2014 interview, the band said that the critics have actually done them a favour by heightening the public discussion about the group.

Okay, then.

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