Dr. Nekessa Remy: Today’s Notable Young Professional

Today’s Notable Young Professional is chiropractor and medical acupuncturist Dr. Nekessa Remy, who recently opened her own practice in downtown Toronto before spending five years perfecting her craft in Mississauga. We caught up with her to find out what inspired her career and what advice she would share with other young professionals…



Describe what you do in less than 140 characters. Go.
A chiropractor who helps individuals in both athletic and non-athletic fields achieve optimal health and performance at Toronto’s Integra Health Centre.

What was the inspiration for your career route?
I have always been fascinated with the human body. Our bodies are capable of extraordinary movement and strength; just watch any athlete perform. I was obsessed with sports as a kid and knew that I wanted help people achieve the most out of their bodies.

What is the most memorable milestone in your career so far?
I have two! Just this past march my first clinic, Mississauga’s The Chiropractic Office, celebrated five years in business. The second milestone just occurred this past month. I decided to leave the comforts of my office in Mississauga and head to the craziness of downtown Toronto. I am currently starting a new practice at Integra Health Centre. Multidisciplinary clinics like this are the future of healthcare and, nervous as I am to start something new, I am so excited for both myself and my patients.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?
In 5 to 10 years, I want to be a leading expert in health, wellness, sports injury prevention and rehabilitation within Canada while continuing to practice in Toronto and Mississauga. In 20, I hope to be contemplating retirement.

Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
Have a plan! You need to have a specific goal and timeframe in mind. In the wise words of self-proclaimed 6 God Drake, “a goal is just a dream with a deadline.” 

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Even if you fail, there is a lesson to be learned that will only bring you closer to success.

Do you support any charities? If so, which one(s) and why is it (or they) important to you?
I am a big believer in education. In 2012 I joined the Excellence Conference. They provide students and parents of Caribbean/African decent with resources and information on how to achieve educational success. The sad fact is that there are so few black kids in post-secondary institutes and this work aims to educate and motivate students to achieve excellence.

What is one major challenge that you’ve had to overcome in your career? How did you overcome it?
Being stagnant and becoming too comfortable. Earlier this year, I found myself coasting on what I had accomplished. The drive and passion I had when I first opened my office had dwindled and I was bored. I reached out to my mentors and realized that I needed a new challenge and a bigger dream. Hence, my move to downtown Toronto.

What does the word notable mean to you?
Notable is being recognized for being the best version of you possible.



Where is your favourite place to wine/dine in your city and why?
I like simple foods; burger and fries. I am a huge fan of The Works. Any place where the burger menu consists of four pages of options, I’m in!

What’s the most visited website on your Internet browser? The most played song on your phone?
MapQuest. I search everywhere I go before I go. I want to know how long it will take to get there and if there is any construction to be aware of. I never want to be late. Right now I’m obsessed with Adele’s ‘Hello’, but who isn’t?

Who’s one person you think everyone should be following on social media?
Serena Williams. She is crushing the old standards of beauty and femininity and, frankly, it’s about time.

What’s your favourite country to visit and why? And what’s the next one you plan on travelling to?
Italy! Great food, and breathtaking scenery. My next trip will be right here in Canada. We live in such a beautiful country and I want to explore as much of it as I can.

What gives you the greatest FOMO?
Not having children.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
The Real Housewives of wherever.

What’s something you wish you didn’t spend so much money on? What’s something you wish you spent more on?
I spend way too much on workout clothes and I should spend more on tax-free savings accounts.

And finally, what does success look like to you? Work, play, or otherwise…
Success to me is finding a path that provides you with compensation both financially and spiritually.