Downdog in the Dark with YogaVeda at Club Peopl

Like most of you, I’m not new to the yoga scene. I’ve done updogs, downdogs, camels, cats, and mice. I’ve balanced on my sit bones, my hands and even my head. Hot, cold, ebb, flow. I’ve done it in the morning, at night, on mats, floors, and grass (yes, I’m still talking about yoga). Having been around the yoga block a few times, it takes a very special class to really get my blood pumping.

So what has me hot for Yoga Veda at Boutique Club Peopl?

Yoga Veda is the perfect fusion of positive energy, spirited people, delicious Aryuvedic cuisine, and live DJ music for just the right amount of swag. The unique ambiance of Peopl’s underground club, illuminated with brightly coloured spotlights and adorned with graphic paintings (including a Bob Marley fan favorite!), brings an added boost of party-goer panache.

The Yoga portion of YogaVeda is taught by a series of expert instructors, each with their own specialties and personalities to ensure you’re never bored as you twist into Triangle and kick it in Camel. And to spice things up even further, every inhale and exhale is accompanied by the soul-stirring yoga stylings of Notable’s DJ of the Year, Jojo Flores.

The “Veda” of YogaVeda is a brief lesson in Ayurvedic healing, led by Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guru extraordinaire Karla Gomez de la Peña (also the wife of lucky Mr. Flores). The practice, which is a sister science to yoga, emphasizes healing from the inside out. Before you dismiss this as tree-hugger science fiction, think of how you feel after your Friday night Vodka-Poutine Routine. Karla explains that what you eat can do more good (or harm) than any prescription medication. “You can’t just take a pill and expect to get better,” she explains.  

Karla’s lesson is put into practice in what is obviously my favorite part of YogaVeda: her delectable Ayurvedic cooking. On the menu are fresh herbs, spices, and a range of dishes from Ayurvedic heal-all chicken soup to melt-in-your-mouth samosas. (I’ll say Ohm to that!)

So if you’re ready to bring a little sizzle to your Sun Salutation, rock your socks off at YogaVeda this Tuesday!

390 Notre Dame Ouest, Corner of Ste Helene 

To learn more or to book a private consultation with Karla Gomez de la Peña, visit