Doug Ford hints at re-opening cottage country for May 2-4

Monday’s Word of the Day in Ontario was “soon.”

In his latest coronavirus press conference, Ontario premier Doug Ford said many parts of life in the province are “getting close” to re-opening. That includes retail (in limited capacity), parks, and cottages.

Ford spoke of the promising numbers which give him “the confidence that we’re getting close to opening parks, that we’re getting close to opening retail for curbside pickup.”

On Monday, the province announced 370 new COVID-19 cases, which is part of downward trend. Meanwhile, the number of hospitalizations dropped, as did the number of ICO patients.

Even without a clear timeline, Ford urged retailers to get ready for business.

“No matter if it’s three weeks, four weeks, two weeks, whenever it is, start prepping, getting masks ready,” he said.

“It’s inevitable, if the numbers keep going down. We’re going to get the economy going based on health and science.”

Not only might you soon be able to interact with your favourite businesses, but people too.

“I think the opportunity will come hopefully sooner rather than later,” Ford said about the prospect of two households getting together.

And with the May long weekend looming, you bet cottage season was on the agenda.

“If people go up to their cottage, bring their own food, don’t go to the stores, stay at their cottage, by May the 24th, there’s only so long I can hold the big gates back from these people,” Ford said. 

Promising signs all around. That said, stay vigilant with your social distancing and soap dispensers.