Don’t be That Girl or Guy Who…

We all have our flaws. But there are certain behavioural traits we have recently witnessed that inspire a shaking of the head in annoyed disbelief as we think to ourselves (and sometimes out loud): seriously?! Here are some that take the cake. Don’t be that girl or guy who…

Stands Side-by-Side on the Escalator
Why? Sometimes the stairs are overly crowded or the escalator is the only option and the people behind you may very well be in a rush. Even if you got engaged two minutes prior, you can stand single file for the duration of the ride.

Talks Loudly on a Cell Phone
There is a time and a place to talk on your cell phone. Some places are just plain obnoxious; namely, a confined space or one designed to be enjoyed free of distraction. This includes hair salons, public transit and the gym.

Pushes on Transit
One of the first lessons we learn as children is not to push and to wait our turn, yet we find it alarming how many adults push their way on to and off of transit. You are likely not the only one getting off at a particular stop and if you push onto the subway or streetcar, it is going to make for an awkward ride in close proximity to the one(s) you so rudely shoved.

Puts Items Back in the Cupboard or Fridge Empty
There are few things more disappointing than arriving home from a hectic day of work, starving, to open a bag of well-deserved cookies in the cupboard only to find it empty. If it is finished, it probably requires just as much effort to put it in the garage or recycling than to put it back in the fridge or cupboard empty. 

Overly Shares on Facebook
People who share too much on Facebook make us nervous. They either have too much time on their hands, have something to prove to their “friends” or tend to think everyone must be legitimately interested in their dog or child’s bowel movements, what they had for lunch or to see multiple pictures of them kissing their significant other – all from different angles.

Brings Unruly Children to Adult Restaurants
Nobody ever said childrearing was easy, but be mindful as to where to take the kids or nieces and nephews out to eat, especially if they are prone to temper tantrums. In downtown establishments, a meal may be the only time busy professionals have to savour in a day and the last thing they need is to be bothered by temper-tantrum throwing children.

Overly Pitches
Few things can ruin a shopping experience more than overly pushy sales people who hover over your shoulder. The same can be said for fellow young professionals who seem to take every opportunity – dates, brunch dates with friends, family dinners and even interactions at the gym – to pitch his or her company, business venture or self in general.

Lives on Midday Contact
When in the “work zone,” persistent contact with friends, significant others and parents when in the middle of a busy workday is more frustrating and distracting than it is welcomed. He or she is not ignoring you – they are busy. There is no need for the “double text.”

Annoys with Picture Requests
If a stranger is nice enough to stop to capture that special moment with friends, lovers and family, don’t scan each shot and get him or her to take multiple pictures. Furthermore, there is no need to get him or her to take the same shot on a variety of cameras and smartphones. It’s called email. 

Invading Personal Space at the Gym
Don’t be that girl or guy who hovers over another fellow gym patron, sighing and tapping your foot while you wait for a piece of equipment at the gym. Similarly, as much as you’d like to be near the mirror in yoga class, if you are inches away from others while the back of the room remains empty, you’re not going to be a favourite at your studio or gym.  

Ok, that’s all. Carry on.