Donald Trump’s Top 4 Most (Recent) Unprofessional Tweets


Here are Notable we believe in honing life skills, problem-solving behaviours that appropriately and responsibly manage personal affairs in self, family + relationships, community, leisure and career. Appropriate uses of life skills require individuals to adapt behaviours to time and place.

Responsible use of life skills requires both maturity and accountability, and self-accountability. As problem solving behaviours, life skills liberate in a way, since they include a relatively small class of behaviours, and skills, that are usable in many life situations.

With life skills and problem-solving behaviours in mind, as they relate to personal affairs and career, we have compiled a list of Donald Trump’s most unprofessional tweets and suggest he pursue a life skills coach.

This message is reactive, creates tension and is hostile. It would have been better if Donald was considerate of other’s rights and feelings.

We’re not sure what ‘EASY D’ is but the comments section sure is funny! This message is designed to create conflict and make the journalists angry. Donald should be respectful of others and offer respect to achieve his desired goals.

This message is righteous, hostile and superior — it is designed to hurt and alienate Nordstrom. None of these things show healthy life skills.

As far as healthy life skills go, straight-up lying isn’t a fit. We know that Donald Trump knows Vladimir Putin, we saw them talking on the phone last week. Honesty is key to balanced self-determined behaviour, which is always the goal in life skills. Not honest!