Donald Trump Has Done Something Very Positive for Cape Breton

They call it the ‘Trump Bump’.

And no, it’s not that lump of digested matter making its way upstream every time you remember that this photo exists.

We’re talking about Drumpf‘s uncanny ability to make people pay attention to anything even loosely associated with him.

Like Cape Breton, for example.

As you may recall, earlier this year a local radio DJ started a campaign that urged Americans to “get the hell out of there [and move] to Cape Breton Island” should the talking comb-over be elected President. Well, guess what? People actually started to give a shit about Cape Breton.

According to Destination Cape Breton, Tourism to the Nova Scotian island has risen 14 per cent for the year to date.

The island saw 24 per cent more tourism in May over last year, 15 per cent more in June, and 14 per cent more in July.

While some may point to other factors – the weak loonie and Zika fears ruling out more popular vacation destinations – ultimately one must accept that Donald Trump is behind the spike.

“We continue to marvel at the opportunity Rob Calabrese’s website and our subsequent ‘Trump Bump’ has presented to us,” said Destination Cape Breton CEO Mary Tulle.

Want to beat the rush? There’s free land and a job waiting for you in Cape Breton if you’re quick enough.