Forget Dog Handbags: Dog Backpacks Are All the Rage Now

Let it be known that this is not some sort of contraption that reduces your dog to an accessory, as you might see when a Yorkville socialite pockets her pooch in a designer purse.

No, these dog backpacks are as practical, purpose-driven and comfortable as they are stylish.


Ruffit is the invention of Jonathan Rivera, who came up with the idea when his dog stepped on a piece of glass during a mountain biking adventure far from home. Jonathan used his shirt to create a makeshift backpack in which he could transport his dog home – the “a-ha” moment.

Ruffit’s dog backpacks are suitable for dogs up to 18 inches in body length and are adjustable in a multitude of ways to ensure the best fit for your dog.

It’s not just about human laziness, of course – the carrier is ideal when older dogs need a break from walking, when “portaging” dogs on paths that they may not be capable of treading, and in case of injury.

And don’t be surprised if you start seeing these kinds of dog carriers everywhere. From May to July of this year alone, eBay has recorded a 42 per cent rise in sales of doggie backpacks.

They also make your dog look cool as hell:

Ruffit dog carriers are available for $99 USD with shipping worldwide. They also come in four colours, which is nice.

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