Ditch Work This Friday and Beat the End-of-Summer Blues at Cabana Pool Bar

In a city like Toronto, the saying “it’s all about who you know” couldn’t be truer.

Strong networks are a major reason why so many business and individuals thrive in over ever-competitive city.

And we don’t have to tell you that some of the best networking takes place during those few precious months of summer.

It truly is the best time to develop meaningful personal and professional relationships – and ones that will take you through all the seasons.

When the sun is out, everyone is in a better mood. The higher energy levels and good moods mean people are more open to chatting. Not to mention, there’s no excuse to go home early when the sun is still shining and the beer and wine are flowing.

Let’s not forget, there is no shortage of amazing venues in Toronto to take full advantage of in the summer months.

For example, Ditch Fridays at Cabana Pool Bar is the best excuse to swap the office for an afternoon pool sesh.

Sadly, the last Ditch Friday happens this week.

Before it gets cold and dark and everyone wants to race home at the end of the week, stop by one last time and take your meetings and greetings poolside with the city’s stunning skyline as a backdrop.

All summer, some of the city’s finest have lathered on the sunscreen and ditched Friday for a music-filled day with coworkers, clients and friends.

After all, short summers deserve a day off.

And, really, who gets any real work done on summer Friday afternoons before a long weekend anyway?

See you at Cabana this Friday.

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