Discover Your Hidden Professional Potential

Just as there is a need for a little self-reflection and discovery from time to time in your personal life, there is also a lot you can discover in your professional life that can lead to great things. Here are five key areas that will help you unlock your hidden professional potential:

Do more
If you can scrape by doing the bare minimum at work, it likely won’t earn you that corner office any time in the future. Consider this: can you do more than you currently are? For instance, you could take on extra projects or ones that nobody else wants to do or volunteer for things like organizing a company outing or charity initiative. Excel at your job, but do more than you were assigned to do. You may discover the things you are missing out on – and be shocked by what you are capable of.  

Speak up
If a promotion is on your mind, superiors love to see someone who exhibits strong leadership qualities. In the professional world, leadership means having a voice and speaking up. For example, brainstorm new ideas that benefit the company and bring them to the table. Additionally, you could actively participate and offer insight and advice in meetings. It is important to note that you should not confuse being a leader with being a know-it-all. On a personal level, speaking up means making sure superiors are aware of your career goals as well as your points of view on business issues and strategies. If you have set your sights on a promotion, ask your superior specifically what it will take to get you to that next level. The takeaway here is that you should stop keeping thoughts and questions to yourself; it’s time to speak up.

In most professions, becoming more creative will only help you. Due to this, it might be time to discover or rediscover your creative side. For those who are a little rusty, there are many ways to get those creative juices flowing. It can be as simple as writing out specific words or ideas and branching out from there by expanding with related subthemes and concepts. Think out loud and brainstorm with others – try it with coworkers on coffee breaks or at your friend’s next dinner party. You can even gain creative inspiration through theatre, music, yoga or reading. Remember that everything exceptional started with an idea.

Read and pay attention
No matter your industry, it’s important to stay in touch with what others are doing both in your city and around the world. No matter how busy you are, read the news and industry-specific magazines to stay informed on current events, business trends and pop culture. This way, you can remain ahead of the competition, know what’s been done before, and whether your “brilliant idea” really is that unique after all.

Think like an entrepreneur
Think like an entrepreneur within your company – or what is referred to as an intrapreneur. Being an intrapreneur starts with an idea and involves thinking beyond – like entrepreneurs do – but within a big corporation. It means taking leadership and leveraging skills and talents to encourage innovation for the better of the entire company. In many cases, it also means challenging the status quo… so don’t let that scare you. 

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