Diner En Blanc

A concept borrowed from France, Diner En Blanc is a large prestigious dinner event held at a secret location, to be revealed right before the dinner takes place, at which participants are to dress all in white. The dinner is held in private, yet brings together hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds to wine and dine in an elegant and chic environment, the mere thoughts of which conjure images of fine restaurants and cafes in downtown Paris. The cultural phenomenon is spanning the globe, and will hold events in some of Canada’s major cities this year, including Montreal. Bon Appetit! 

The Vitals
What: A glamourous dinner event originating from France
Where: TBA
When: August 16th 2012
Why: To wine and dine in European-style glamour, and, of course, to dress in white!
More info/tickets: Register online at the Diner En Blanc website here.