Diner en Blanc Returns to Vancouver Tomorrow

Our Notable team will be on top of Thursday’s event and have sourced all the details you need to know about this globally recognized and celebrated pop-up picnic, so be sure to check back with us for details.

A bit of background on Diner en Blanc: this celebrated event has grown substantially since inception 25 years ago. With roots in Paris, DEB has quickly garnered a strong following of cultured individuals around the world looking for a unique and special way to gather, mingle and party within their respective cities. 

Diner en Blanc affords a truly memorable cultural and culinary experience – beset by a few cardinal rules and basic guidelines to help ensure the night is a success. A few of these rules dictate that participants dress head to toe in elegant white attire. We’re talking about white linen suits for the guys, white top hats, white shoes (no basketball shoes, thanks). For the ladies, be sure to pull out all the stops and don a fascinator to go with that winter white party dress. 

If you haven’t already heard, a BYOB soiree this is not. Invited guest must pre-purchase beverages as such in advance after registration. In addition, square cocktail tables must be sourced, alongside foldable white chairs and white linen tablecloth – so as to lend a sense of elegant unity to the event (which is said to have attracted a record number of participants this year).

Rather than cart in a basket of goods to nosh on (it has to be in a proper basket – no paper to-go cartons allowed), this year features exclusive catering courtesy of the award-winning Hawksworth Restaurant. A definite sign that it’s an event worth noting.

In keeping with tradition, no one will learn of the parties’ destination until around 5pm – after they’ve gathered at respective meeting spots around town. That’s when the sense of anticipation and excitement is most palpable.

Last year’s event (covered by Notable here) was effortlessly executed – thanks to the team behind both The Social Concierge and MediaTonic PR. This year’s edition aims to surpass… and we’re excited to witness it all unfold.

To learn more about Diner en Blanc, click here.

Top photo courtesy Diner en Blanc