Dine on 3 Redefines the Food Court Experience

What does $35 million in renovations net you? Dine on 3, the new upscale Yorkdale Mall food court. Re-envisioning what a mall ‘dining’ experience should be, Yorkdale definitely hit it on the mark with this fantastic update. (For $35 mil, we wouldn’t expect anything less.) 

The area is now awash with refinement, almost an oasis for shoppers needing to refuel before getting back into the credit card grind. Nineteen vendors are serving up the usual fare, but now you can grab some pizza and a glass of wine from Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria’s micro-restaurant, or that of Amaya Express.

Now, being Yorkdale, you’d expect some opulent touches, like the app to make a reservation so you can get a seat, or the fruit-infused water station; or even the perfume butler to mask the scent of onion from your burger. The unique characteristics of Dine on 3 make it a fusion of Yorkdale’s shoppers’ sensibilities and the sleekness of the Eaton Centre’s Urban Eatery, just brought to a new level.

Who would have thought a mall food court might sub-in for a night out on the town? We didn’t, but hey, we’re intrigued enough to keep going back.

Click here for a list of eateries at Yorkdale’s Dine on 3. 

Photo courtesy Famoso