Depression Sufferer Reveals One Super Simple Solution to Coping With the Illness

Depression often manifests itself in ways that people don’t see.

It can drive people to spend the weekend in bed, drink themselves to sleep, or crumble in tears in the shower. It can also make simple tasks like maintaining a clean living space a major challenge.

Many depression sufferers have messy rooms, living in a perpetual state of disarray.

Finally cleaning and organizing is a major release.

One depression sufferer posted a photo of their messy bedroom on imgur before deciding to clean it. Resembling an episode of Hoarders, the room was filled with so many clothes, empty bottles, papers and garbage that you could barely see the ground.


“I suffer from severe depression and have a really hard time with cleaning and doing other kinds of household work,” user too***busyandviceversa wrote. “My room ha[s] been this messy for several months beacause i cant push myself to take care of it. But this friday i decided to finally do it!”

Once the room was cleaned, it looked remarkably different.


“You can finally see that i have a floor! Say hi to my teddy Nalle on the bed,” the user wrote. “I know its not a big victory, but for me it means the world to just be able to have my door open if people come over. I feel so at peace right now, just wanted to share with all of you wonderful imgurians! Me 1 – Depression 0!”


The post has since gone viral, resonating with fellow depression sufferers who take comfort in the fact that they’re not alone. It’s inspired others to clean up their messy rooms as well, who’ve proudly (and bravely) posting their ;before’ and ‘after’ pictures on social media.

Such posts mark yet another encouraging step forward in the overdue mental health awareness movement.

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