Deodorant Brand Flips Gender Roles in Witty New Commercial

Commercials and witty advertisements are increasingly being used to not only sell products, but send powerful messages as well.

From the early days of casting bi-racial families in commercials to featuring same-sex parents and gender-neutral messaging, ad spots are commonly used to raise awareness for important societal issues.

On Monday night, a commercial for deodorant brand Secret aired during the season premiere of The Bachelor (while most of us were watching the Raptors’ victory over Cleveland) and got viewers talking almost as much as the reality show. Titled “The Question,” the new spot switches up the gender roles of a marriage proposal, featuring the nerve-racking attempt by a female to propose to her boyfriend.

For a show that often places importance on things like appearance (hers) and wealth (his), the ad is a stark contrast to the often laughable series and its traditional relationship gender roles when it comes to popping the question. The spot – by U.S. ad agency Wieden + Kennedy – marks the second round of ads for the Secret brand that deal with “stress-sweat,” which the brand says is biologically different than physically-induced sweat.

Though we’re left wondering if he says yes, the ad does its job in fusing comedy, tension, and wit into the memorable spot. It also leaves viewers wondering whether this is the direction we’re heading when it comes to the long-held tradition of the marriage proposal.

If I had to guess, I would say it is. In fact, I recently heard of a female who proposed to her boyfriend with a shiny new golf driver (and yes, he said yes).