Delta Passengers Got an On-Board Pizza Party Because Their Flight Was Delayed

Step aside Southwest Airlines guy who rapped the safety instructions and WestJet Funky Flight Attendant who danced to Bruno Mars for a bunch of bored passengers…

You’ve just been out-customer-serviced by a crew from Delta.

Yes, seriously; Delta.

Last week, because of bad weather, a 2-hour flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta was forced to reroute and hang out on a runway in Knoxville, Tennessee. As passengers grappled with their travel-rage and prepared themselves for what would eventually be a 3 hour delay, they were spontaneously treated to everyone’s favorite therapy: pizza.

Everybody on the flight got free pizza.

As social media started blowing up, there appeared to be a trend of Delta dishing out feasts to passengers suffering significant delays because of bad weather. According to a spokesperson from the airline, “It’s part of an effort company-wide when weather disrupts our operation to get food and beverages to delayed customers.”

And we applaud you for your ingenuity, Delta. As much as a massive delay ruins our plans, it’s the little gestures and acknowledgments that can make all the difference in the world of stressful travel. Rapping and dancing are great and all. But pizza? Well, we can’t choke the people beside us while we’re eating a pepperoni slice, now can we?

Pure genius, Delta. Throw in a 6-pack when you lose our luggage for 24 hours and we might start to think you’re a real airline.