Deep Fried Everything and Bacon at This Year’s CNE

The Canadian National Nosh-athon…er…Exhibition is back starting August 17th, and this year’s food pavilion/foodie events/disgustingly fattening offerings are better than ever. Though we suppose the latter is debatable.

There are 11 new gourmet food fare vendors this year: Far East Taco (Asian tacos); PULL’D (not surprisingly, all pulled meats); vie (organic, raw and unprocessed vegan fare); Loaded Baked Potato (self explanatory); Bacon Nation (so you, too, can become a true baconator); Just Cone It! (not ice cream, rather cones of food like shepherd’s pie and philly cheese steak); Thyme & Olives (Lebanese bakery); Dutch Frites (Dutch style delights like Krokets and StroopWafel); Big Apple Fritters (two guesses); Sweeness Bakery (three guesses); and Fresh Fuel Smoothies (so you can refuel before hitting the midway). 

This year’s gnarly heart attack bite? Deep fried bacon covered hot dogs from Bacon Nation. Our hearts skipped a beat just reading that. And of course, Deep Fried Butter, Deep Fried PB&J, Deep Fried Mars Bars, Deep Fried Mac n’ Cheese, and Deep Fried Cola are all back. 

Also this year, the 24th through 26th, The Ex will feature Food Truck Frenzy with 17 food trucks serving up street-style gourmet fare…in case you miss them around town all the time because they typically serve lunch in obscure spots when you’re in the office.