The December Recap, Brought to You By Instagram

No matter who you are, scrolling through Instagram in the month of December was magical: It’s like we all got together and decided to become one big happy cliche. Here are nine pictures your friends (or you—it’s okay to admit it) definitely posted during the holiday season:

Marriage Proposals
How beautiful, young love, eternal bonds! Wedding fever has started to spread, infecting all of my of my 24-year-old comrades—everyone is getting engaged! You get a ring, and you get a ring…everyone gets a ring!

  Family Postcard Pic This is very much a pose that was orchestrated by your Aunt Cheryl as she yells for all the cousins to gather on the stairs, in the living room, in front of the fireplace. She lines everyone up and has them stand for an awkward picture she’s taking with her iPhone that will likely be in selfie mode for the first three shots.    

#cousinschristmas Missing 6 but still 20 strong #family #lucasmadeit #cuzinkendidnt #prevettisgone A photo posted by Nick Barbagli (@nickybaggs) on

“My Gift <3”
Classic couple picture that implies neither needed a gift this holiday season (though both got each other gifts, obvs).

‘Tis the season?❤️#torontochristmasmarket #mylove #hesmygift

A photo posted by l e x (@alexaa_tee) on

Ugly Christmas Sweaters
You probably got at least three Ugly Sweater Party invites in December so it’s no surprise that these pics were a hideous dime a dozen in your feeds. You’ll definitely find the ironic menorah sweater within the mix as well.


  Airport Vacation Shots Balancing your passport, a $13 airport coffee or bar drink and your new Stan Smith shoes is a great way to let all of your 397 followers know that you can afford a trip during the holidays. (Unfortunately, I did not get to participate in this).  

Christmas-Themed Snapchat Filter Pics
It’s a known(ish) fact that women felt their prettiest when treated by the deer filter on Snapchat this year. Lucky for us, Snapchat gave the filter a Christmas twist, so you probably got to see half of your graduating high school class looking like festive fawns.



Before and After Pictures
If you didn’t reunite with your siblings and reenact a photo from the ‘90s to show your Instagram followers that, yes, time has aged us all, you missed out.

  Christmas Selfies Because every holiday is an excuse to post an Instagram selfie with a seasonally specific emoji for the caption. What? My contour was on point, I had to!

New Year, New Me
If you don’t post your #fitspo New Year’s resolution to Instagram, is it even a resolution?