Dear Media – Empowering Bold Womxn Centric Voices

With their company focused on amplifying the voices of womxn in podcasting, a space that is predominantly male-oriented, Dear Media is the first Podcast Network of its kind. Founded in 2018 by Michael Bosstick, husband to Lauryn Evart Bosstick, co-hosts of the successful podcast The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, and Raina Penchansky, founder of Digital Brand Architects (DBA), the number one independent influencer management company, Dear Media is providing womxn the power to monetize their voices and champion their strong and often unabashed opinions and content.

“I think the gender disparity in podcasting mirrors what we see in other industries, and, while I don’t have an answer for why it is this way, I certainly hope that Dear Media plays a large role in remedying the disparity. […]Through Dear Media, we’re creating a space for female entrepreneurs, well-known lifestyle experts, and best-selling authors to amplify their stories and work with brands to be a part of it,” states co-founder Raina Penchansky.

Penchansky goes on to say that Dear Media has dedicated themselves to coming from a place of intersectional feminism, especially regarding boosting the voices of womxn of colour. 

The Dear Media Network is committed to showcasing diverse voices and content. “We’re focusing on adding more diversity, not only in the types of womxn we represent, but also the type of content […] you can expect to see more original concepts, narrative shows, scripted shows, unique perspectives, and unique formats, really positioned to broaden our offering while also honing in on the female-centric audience that we built,” says Bosstick.

Recently, the Dear Media brand raised 8 million dollars in funding, which will be used to grow their already uber-successful roster of top-tier podcasters, covering everything from activism to parenting and sex, just to name a few. Dear Media now holds claim to over 40+ podcasts and has amassed more than 25 million followers across all channels. 

Notably from Canada, two Ontario-based podcasts are gaining success on Dear Media: the “Breaking Beauty” podcast, covering all things bestselling beauty and the stories behind them, and “The Birds Papaya” a podcast about life and love after massive change.

With the growth of their business on a rapid incline, the company has recently added some male podcasters onto their team. The male podcasters are few and far between, and Dear Media is still focused on raising up the voices of marginalized womxn.

Bosstick states, “This medium has been in need of an update for a long time. Not only in the voices that are represented, but in the way those voices are able to engage in this space.”

As March is International Womxn’s Month, diving into Dear Media’s catalogue of Womxn’s voices supports companies like this that champion womxn in all of their raw and unfiltered narratives in this relatively-new medium. Be part of the growth of Womxn’s voices in this male-dominated space by listening to the next generation of storytellers.