Daylight Savings Time: 7 Ways to Make the Most of the Extra Hour of Daylight

At 2:00am this early Sunday morning, our clocks are officially springing forward, saying goodbye to an hour of sleep.

But in return they’ll be saying hello to those longer, brighter evenings, which really isn’t a bad trade off. In fact, after a long, gloomy winter the additional hour of daylight is exactly what we need to recharge our productivity this spring.

The extra hour also means you have more time to enjoy the outdoors. So we’ve rounded up the best ways you can make the most of your extra hour in the sun.

Work Outside 
If you happen to bring some unfinished work home with you one evening, finish your work outside. You could find a coffee shop with an outdoor table or work on a park bench. You’ll find finishing up extra work much more enjoyable knowing that there’s still daylight to enjoy.

Après Work Happy Hour 
Instead of hitting up your typical post work watering hole have your next happy hour on a patio and reward all of your hard work with a cocktail or two. We’ll cheers to that.

Exercise Outside
You’ve just spent the last few months confined to working out indoors. Take this as your chance to bring your exercise back outside. You could go running, hiking, cycling, roller blading…the list is nearly endless.

Run Errands 
Running errands is typically not on the top of our priority list, but with the extra daylight you can pick up your dry cleaning or go to the pharmacy while it’s still light out. This will make you feel like you’ve actually gained more time as you’ll have your errands run before it’s dark out (and how wants to leave the house for dry cleaning once it’s dark.)

Walk Home From Work 
During the winter months, walking to and from work can be an extremely undesirable task. But with the extra hour of daylight you can enjoy the trek.

Have a Picnic 
Hit up a grocery store and grab a bottle of wine and head to a nearby park for dinner. But probably wait until April for this one.

Go for a Bike Ride  
More daylight means you have more time to go bike riding. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one and cruise through the city or along the lake.