David Dayan: YP Style Profile

Growing up, he was influenced by LA’s progressive streetwear style centered on skateboarding, surfing, music, nightlife, and all that inner city life at the heart of old school-brands David wore such as Freshjive. As his sister, I am of course able to attest to the evolution of his style that became more gentrified and refined as he grew into his role as a young professional. This explains his juxtaposing looks, including long oversized tees, tight dress shirts, and custom-made shoes, which he spends time crafting on the internet.

David carries this unique edge with him to every party he attends, every concept he brings to life, and every ensemble he puts together. You can always recognize his signature fashion pieces, such as his crown ring and chain keychains that hang off the back pocket of his jeans and suits.

His counterculture philosophy and passion for social dining and healthy gourmet food are what set him apart and what has sparked his interest for bringing something new to Montreal, namely the infamous Ryu that has become a popular go-to-spot on the Plateau. Influenced by the hustle and everything-is-possible mentality in Montreal, he developed an intimate Japanese restaurant – with intricate design and rustic stainless steel metal panels that set the tone for the unique dragon backdrop. While I assume that all the video game geeks already know this, for those of you who were wondering where the name Ryu came from, it was inspired by a Japanese Samurai in David’s favourite video game, Street Fighter.

Job: Owner of Ryu restaurant and building administrator for Dayan Group. 

Currently wearing: All Saints double breast blazer, Ralph Laurent V-neck and socks, Zara pants

Favourite labels: Alexander Wang, All Saints, Levi’s, Saint Laurent, Kooples

Fashion and beauty pet peeves: Deep Vs, any t-shirt with a cheesy saying, and girls with too much make up.

What’s in his closet? Skinny jeans in every colour, fitted white shirts always go best with suits, Zanerobe pants for traveling, caps, hats and sunglasses for every occasion. M. Cohen jewelry, lots of shoes and accessories.

Cities that influence his style? The relaxed street style of Los Angeles, coupled with the more formal and elegant night style of Paris.

What is his style advice for young professionals? Don’t be scared to mix and match. A great suit is important, but you can still look look professional by mixing casual and formal as well as different textures and looks.