David Cronenberg’s Debut Novel Hits Stores Today

Famed Canadian director David Cronenberg’s debut novel, “Consumed” hits stores today.

And if you’re a fan of his work (if you’re not, you should be) we have a feeling you’ll like the book.

It has all the elements we know and love from 71-year-old Cronenberg’s films, both in the early years of his career and the more recent – science fiction, kinky sex (in ample volumes), “body horror,” and a twisted, thought-provoking plotline.

As an added bonus, some of the main characters are Canadian and it’s full of Toronto references.

Eight years in the making, “Consumed” was originally intended to be a screenplay but when it wasn’t working out out as he hoped, Cronenberg turned it into a novel with the advice of Nicole Winstanley, president and publisher of Penguin Canada.

The result sees juicy plots unfold in a dramatic and extraordinary journey into worldwide conspiracies and geopolitics as stories and subjects become increasingly entangled.

The novel takes the characters everywhere from North Korea to the Cannes Film Festival and explores issues of modern technology (3-D printing), cancer, and sex that will shock even the most liberal of young professionals.

Of his leap from film to literature, Cronenberg – who grew up with a journalist father – has said he always wanted to be a novelist, joking that the book was “fifty years in the making.” In fact, at the University of Toronto in 1963, he won the Norma Epstein Award for fiction.

Cronenberg’s film career, however, remains as hot as ever. His latest film Maps to the Stars, premiered a few weeks back at TIFF and hits Canadian theatres later this month.



Images: theblackboard.blklst.com, film.com

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