David Coulthard and TW Steel Steal the Show at Grand Prix

With the Grand Prix festivities in Montreal now over, only memories of fast cars, roaring engines and the most epic soirees our city has seen all year are left.

One of those memories is our TW Steel party that took place on June 5th at the cozy and luxe La Societe in downtown Montreal. 

Guest of honour? None other than 13-time Grand Prix winner and TW Steel ambassador David Coulthard

The notable crowd present at this exclusive event shared Coulthard-inspired cocktails with Hennessy and Belvedere vodka, indulged in delicious canapés, shared Mombacho cigars, and had the chance of a lifetime to meet and chat with one of the most charming and down-to-earth people we’ve encountered. 

The soiree celebrated the 20th anniversary of Coulthard’s GP debut by launching the CEO Tech TW Steel Edition, Coulthard’s third model since joining TW Steel in 2010. When we spoke to David, he shared his enthusiasm for watches since he was a kid. One of the first watches he ever owned was a Formula One model as a result of his dreams of one day being part of the sport; well, David, job well done. 

So, why does he love TW Steel so much? According to him this was the first brand that was aimed at the driver, creating the look, feel and strapline that fits the sport ideally. Since Coulthard travels a lot, the TW Steel is his go-to from the gym to a night event, covering all the essentials from style to performance. We own a pair too, and even though we aren’t Grand Prix legends, we can attest that TW has really nailed luxurious comfort at a price that any young professional can justify. 

Did you also know that he genuinely adores Montreal? From the challenging track at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve to the artistic and free spirited people here, the vibe and energy of our city always keeps him coming back. Next on his list? To finally try poutine. 

Besides having the talent and edge to have become a true legend in the sport of racing, there is much more that Coulthard shared with us about success in life: work, work, and more work. “Somewhere else in the world, there is someone as intelligent, as fit and as capable as you. So what is going to make you stand out? Getting up earlier? Going to bed later? How will you differ from your competition? There will always be days where you will want to give up but you have to suck it up and just do it,” he preaches. We’ve added that to our list of motivational quotes, David, thank you. 

Another key component on your road to the top? Admit your failures and take ownership. “There is no blame game in our sport. It isn’t about who did this or that; you take ownership for your mistakes and you learn from them. It builds great character,” he said. “Our sport isn’t just about the driver. We are the face and the celebrity, but the team is the real foundation of our success. We are like a family.” 

A David Coulthard guide to being the best you can be – we might just start writing one.

For information on where you can get your TW Steel watch in Canada, contact 1-800-363-0178.


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All images by: Karolina Jez

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