Datcha’s New Sister Bar, Kabinet is Now Open.

Last night we had the chance to check out a little preview of Mile End Datcha’s new neighbour and sister, Bar Kabinet (98 Laurier Ouest). Yes, it’s the same masterminds behind the popular bar and newcomer Le Mal Necessaire.

Kabinet means ‘parlour’, or ‘lounge’, in Russian. “Since the main bar is called Datcha, it made sense for this room to have a name that fits the theme,” shared co-creator Alex San Gregorio. 

Kabinet and Datcha live side by side and are connected. When Datcha opens at 11pm Thursday to Sunday, the same music will be piped into Kabinet, giving people who don’t normally experience Datcha to see what’s going on and maybe take the plunge for the first time. 

The goal of Kabinet was to appeal to a wider market. The space is cozy and intimate in just the right way, with gorgeous seating available for 26 and standing room for a dozen more. The design of the space got a helping help from the uber-talented local designer Luke Havekes, also involved in the original Datcha project.

The notable part? The bartender sets the mood by becoming your host for the evening. 

Which brings us to the drink menu…

Everything is fresh, made with a lot of fun, and boasts unique flavours that don’t overwhelm. Form their ‘Dill Southside’, which features Bombay Sapphire and muddled dill sprigs, to their Chay Kabinet made with vodka, house tea, lemon juice and simple syrup (you can ask them about this ingredient, it’s a little house secret), the drinks are so yummy you might forget you’re drinking alcohol. A taxi ride back home is highly recommended. 

The food menu will be launched very soon as well serving snacks until 3am since the Mile End really only has bagels available past 10pm. Caviar seems like it will be the shining star, sourced from Quebec so its still affordable and local. The Siberian dumplings are another favourite on the list – mark that down. 

The music leans toward old school classics, which makes us jump with joy since Montreal lacks in that department. Think Hall and Oates and Rolling Stones; lots of soul, funk and good old-fashioned rock and roll. 

And here’s the ending kicker: Their patio is in progress and will be a game-changer for the neighbourhood once ready in a few weeks. Stay tuned. 

Kabinet will be open seven days a week, 5pm to 3am to start, and potentially earlier, especially on weekends. Did we mention it’s open for private parties during Datcha hours?

Let’s get Russian.


All images by: Karolina Jez

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