Dancing the Night Away in Montreal

Montreal is a world-renowned nightlife destination and can boast some of the best bars to go to for an all-night dance party. Depending on the music and the crowd, there are a lot of options. We have tried to piece together the most eclectic list that takes you across different areas of Montreal, difference scenes, and different music.  But if there’s anything we are sure of, it’s that any of the following bars for will have you dancing away all night long until the lights come on and they kick you out.

Jello Martini Lounge151 Ontario
Jello Martini Lounge boasts one of Montreal’s premiere dance party scenes. Located in the Latin Quarter, just off the Main, Jello Martini Lounge mixes it up, offering a different sort of vibe and music every night of the week. Some nights they will feature a band that will play soulful, fun music you can dance to; other nights, dance your face off to some of the best DJs in town. They are known for 70s funk and r & b nights and it is geared towards a 25 and over crowd (perfect for a young professional looking to blow off some steam).

Casa Del Popolo4873 St. Laurent
Established in September of 2000, Casa Del Popolo translates quite simply to “The House of the People” and it’s just that. A dynamic venue, Casa Del Popolo is part Cafe, part vegetarian restaurant, part dance bar and an overall great music venue. The drinks are generous and cheap, and the music is always next-level. Monday nights are their DJ nights, featuring local and international talent.

Cherry Bar417 St. Pierre
After a brief shut down a couple of years ago, Cherry is back this year with a vengeance, offering the Old Montreal crowd one of the best venues for an insane dance party in the city. House music reigns supreme here with resident DJs each night playing amazing tunes for some of the hippest crowds in the city. This hot spot is an underground windowless hub, offering privacy and mystery to what party goers in Montreal are calling one of the hottest venues around.