Cuteness Overload: Australia Now Has a Free Puppy Subscription Service

Free. Puppies. Forever.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Australia has launched a new service that will actually deliver you an unlimited supply of puppies — free of charge. Forever.

This seemingly impossible dream will actually become a reality thanks to Seeing Eye Dogs Australia.

The Free Puppies Forever service will also cover the cost of the puppy’s food, vet care, and even kennel costs if you go on vacation. But why would you ever want to when you have an adorable puppy at home?

This initiative is part of Vision Australia’s program that which trains Seeing Eye dogs for the visually impaired.

The puppy subscription allows Aussies to sign up and receive an eight-month old puppy and act as a caregiver until the puppy reaches its first birthday and it’s old enough to begin training as a Seeing Eye dog.

But don’t worry, you’ll receive a new puppy right away – and for as long as you want – kind of like a magazine subscription. Unlike a magazine subscription, however, there are no hidden costs or extra fees.

Of course, like any new pet, there will be responsibilities. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia asks that caregivers do not leave puppies alone for more than three hours at a time, provide access to a stable backyard, and make themselves available for periodic training sessions with a “Puppy Supervisor.”

That seems like an extremely reasonable tradeoff to get free puppies forever.

According to Ad News, the new initiative was launched because Seeing Eye Dogs expects somewhere between 30 and 40 puppies to be born in the next few weeks who find trustworthy caregivers.

Watch the adorable promotional video below to learn more. But be warned: it plays on repeat for 10 minutes and it’s the cutest video ever.