CultWorthy- Philanthropy is an online shop established by a group of socially conscious individuals who found an opportunity to help millions of people in need.

They make t-shirts with cringeworthy quotes either said or tweeted by Donald Trump. The concept may sound controversial, but they actually donate a significant amount of the proceeds back to various causes, including helping victims of Mexico’s recent earthquake, and victims of Puerto Rico’s recent hurricane.

Tell us the story behind starting up
This is gonna sound really random and maybe even messed up, but a friend of mine texted me about a kid in our community who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to know if I could suggest any local charities who would be able to support this kid’s family as they dealt with the recent diagnosis and the challenges that they were facing as a result of the diagnosis. At the end of our brief text conversation on the matter, I sent a final text that said, “sad”. Two seconds later, in an attempt to try and lighten the mood a bit, a sent another text that read: “Sad!” – President Donald J. Trump … and the idea was born!

If you could sit down with 45, what would you want to talk about?
Well, I have sat down with him before, but at this point, I have nothing at all to talk about. I’m too angry with him. I mean, you’re letting Ivanka marry a nice, smart, gorgeous Jewish boy and it’s not me?! Really?! We’re done. I have nothing to say to a man like that.

Trump-President-45SaidItWhat is your most popular quote right now? And which quote is your favourite?
The most popular, I guess would be measured by the design that is selling best. That one, at the moment, is the one which reads: “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.” My personal favorite, though there are so many that I absolutely LOVE, is: “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” I mean, that’s got to be among the most epic words to ever come out of the mouth of a world leader.

You’re a successful entrepreneur – tell us about a business idea or product that sucked?
As a successful entrepreneur, I don’t believe that any of my ideas have sucked. Some, as brilliant as they were, were simply not fully understood or appreciated by everyone else.

But in all honesty, like any entrepreneur, there were many things that worked, and many which didn’t. But each failure was a learning experience and stepping stone towards a greater success. There is no true success without failure.


Trump-President-45SaidItIf someone has $99, where should they spend it?
The most important things in life are the things which money cannot buy. As for how to spend $99, life is short. Spend it on whatever will add to the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. At this time of year especially, if you can afford to, give the $99 to charity. There is no greater feeling than that of doing something for someone who can never repay you.